Mobius: Blockchain’s Version of the Apple App Store?

I track a lot of ICO’s and upcoming companies in the blockchain space and one of the one’s I am most excited about is Mobius.   Mobius is a really interesting company that was founded by a totally stacked team of Stanford PHD’s and blockchain luminaries, so I had to dig a little more into it.   They have advisors that range from the biggest bitcoin miner in China to the co-Founder of Stellar and Ripple, two extraordinary companies.

Now I don’t pretend to completely understand the tech behind this project, but in short Mobius is a smart-contract data company that is billing itself as delivering the following:

  1. The Stripe for Blockchain
  2. Universal Proof of Stake Oracle Protocol – I won’t even begin to pretend like I understand this – just go to this page on their site for a diagram.
  3. Machine-to-Machine Micropayments.   A Smart Market Example: part failure prediction leads to real time machine-to-machine (M2M) bids from distributed grid of resources facilitated by Mobius protocol; no more middle-men necessary.  Again, a bit complicated to understand but imagine you run a trucking line and a tire blows out on one of your trucks you don’t need a human to reorder it, somehow blockchain technology is plugged into the whole thing, monitors it, orders it for the best price and ships it to you.  Mind boggling.

In addition, they plan to be a platform that will host a dApp (“decentralized apps”) Store, akin to the Apple App Store or Google Play.   If they were to succeed at this the sky is the limit for a company like this.    They will allow on-blockchain developers to connect to blockchain technology.

Really excited to see where this goes.

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