Why blockchain Is Going to Revolutionize the World.

Blockchain and cryptocurrencies has become a high speculation ecosystem.  Lots of people have made and will make lots of money, and others will lose their shirts when they jump in because of FOMO.

I am probably somewhere in the middle, with just enough to be a little dangerous, but a healthy dose of get rich quick.   Trying to tamper the latter with gaining a solid base of information to make educated decisions.

Regardless of where I net out personally on the investment and speculation front, I do 100% believe that the technology of blockchain is revolutionary.   It will change how individuals and societies interact with each other because it totally disrupts major institutions that act as middlemen in transactions in so many areas: financial transactions, real estate, Intellectual Property, retail, music – the list is endless.   One of the ideas I am very bullish on is how blockchain technology could help manage the ticketing and event promotion area, part of the reason I invested in an ICO for Aventus.  You can read about that here.

I came across this great Ted Talk from the Canadian business executive and author Don Tapscott and I was pretty happy that I understood most of what he was saying.   I think it provides a great 10,000 view of why blockchain is going to change everything.