The Absolute Best Medium Post on Mining, Hashing and Private and Public Keys

I have a pretty good understand of what mining is now, and how hashing is an important component of the exercise of mining.   That even led to me going into a k-hole on learning about the cottage industry of Cloud Mining, which is basically where noobs probably get fleeced of money by paying to participate in the mining process without actually buying and setting up their own rig.

But I have to say the concept of private and public keys with crypto-wallets has always been a little difficult for me to grasp until I read this amazing Medium post by Tess Rinearson, an engineer at @Chain.   She is unbelievably gifted at distilling complex concepts into things I was able to understand.

Tess Rinearson – Part One – Making Money

Tess Rinearson – Part Two – Making Money Trustworthy

Part Two explains mining more eloquently than I did in this post, but it also goes deep into an explanation of what private and public keys are, and why the idea is transformative in blockchain.

Click this link to go right to the Private Key section.

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