Coinbase Hires COO from TD Ameritrade

There is a ton of money flowing into the bitcoin market right now, and Coinbase is one of the biggest transfer and exchange marketplaces for obtaining coins.

Headquartered in San Francisco, and founded in 2012 by Brian Armstrong, a former Software Engineer for AirBnb and Fred Ehrsam, an ex-Goldman Sachs foreign exchange trader, Coinbase is the biggest and easiest place for noobies to the market to buy and trade bitcoin, ethereum and litecoin.   It is very simple to make a transfer into Coinbase and buy Bitcoin and they even have their own wallet, which insures the coins purchased through Coinbase.     They do charge a pretty high fee for buying bitcoin, somewhere between 1.5% – 3% (so for for if you buy one BTC at $10,000, you pay a $150 fee to Coinbase).   They are making a lot of money.

The most recent news had over 100,000 new people sign up to Coinbase to buy Bitcoin over the Thanksgiving weekend in late November.  The gold rush is on!

Read here about how Coinbase has gotten to be a big enough business that they were able to hire a former senior HP and TD Ameritrade exec to be there new COO.

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